Heading Down the Tracks of History Toward the Maplewood Station

Looking out the back of the caboose at history, we can see learn about the Maplewood Station – a once a thriving railroad station in Bethlehem, NH, that year after year brought thousands from the big cities to the clean, cooler air of the mountains.

Maplewood Station in the 1800s
Maplewood Station in the 1800s

Looking out the front of the engine we see the future, and in it is the Maplewood Station brought back to its initial condition, similar to many of the other train stations in the region.

Many people have talked about wanting to save the station, and many times, many of us have started down the tracks – this time it’s actually happening. We have a great team in place to make sure it happens, and we’ve already gotten things started as you can see from this website (thanks Sullivan Creative!!).

We have a contractor engaged to support the building until the architect we’ve hired can map and measure it out as well as get every bit of detail that’s remaining documented. Then, the contractor will dismantle the station and we’ll store it until we’re ready to put it back up in its new home along Main Street for everyone to see and appreciate it.

Maplewood Train Station, Bethlehem, NH
Maplewood Train Station in the 1900s

What can you do other than follow the progress through this website, Instagram or Facebook? You can provide any related history you might have with the station. And of course, you can become a member and donate!

This is all being done on the generosity of people like you! And of course, if you want, you can volunteer in any number of ways. Just reach out to us – we’d love to have your help.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in on time as this train has left the station and is gaining speed!

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