Project Overview


Fundraising for Phase 1 was amazing thanks to the many, many generous people from across the country and especially locally. It allowed us to pay for equipment for the architects to use to help measure the Station, as well as the crew that worked to take the structure down and move it to storage. Some of that work, and the storage is also being generously donated! 

Most of the remaining funds will be used to pay the architects, once their renderings are complete.

Phase 1

Structural support beams support the current state of the Maplewood Train Station.

The first phase of the project has progressed well. Initially we had supports placed on the building to slow further lean and deterioration until full architectural measurements could be taken and the crew could begin disassembling the building. In the spring of 2021 the architects finished their measurements.

In the fall of 2021 the crews were onsite and began taking the building apart to preserve as much as possible for the future rebuild. As the supports that were put in place during the spring were removed, the building quickly leaned heavily. The crew worked tirelessly to remove and preserve as much as possible before the remaining structure finally, after almost 100 years of being abandoned, collapsed. The crew continued to save as much as possible and shipped it off to storage, where it now stays preserved.

Next steps of phase 1 include receiving the architects renderings, which we are told will be ready mid-spring 2022. Once we receive those, we can work with the builder to price out construction.

At the same time, we’ve been working with foundations, potential donors, and have started looking for grants to help with the rebuild, and we continue to look for new sites to house the Station. There are several that we’ve identified that are close to the downtown area and we continue to work through which will be best.

Phase 2

Once plans are received from the Architect, and funding secured, we look forward to the rebuild which we hope will take place in 2023-2024, funding dependent.