Steering Committee

The Maplewood Train Station Restoration is being initiated and overseen by a group of committed volunteers that have varying backgrounds, but all having a common interest in the Town, railroads, and their history. Following is a brief background on each member. If you’d like to contact them, or get involved, please reach out to us at

Bruce Caplain – In 2008 Bruce bought the Bethlehem Depot, the other train station in Town, which he lives in and has helped restore. He’s active in the Town as a Selectman working to preserve the Town’s history while moving it forward to be an even better place to live, work, visit and play.

Linda and Greg Moore – The Maplewood Station is what brought Linda and Greg to Bethlehem in 2013. They had never heard of it and a friend of theirs told them about the Maplewood Station; They really wanted to see it so they came up and the rest is history! Linda is also in her second term on the Bethlehem Selectboard.

Pam Sullivan – Pam is currently the Director of WREN, in Bethlehem, and runs her own marketing firm, Sullivan Creative which has generously donated their time helping get this project up and running. Pam was also involved in the renovation of a train station in MA when she was 18, so she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

Clare Brown – Clare comes from a long family history of Bethlehem residents, many of whom were very involved with the Town over the years. She currently is the President of Bethlehem’s Heritage Society.

Paul Moccia – Paul’s family’s connection to Bethlehem and Maplewood goes back to 1915 when his father was in the first class of caddies drawn from students at North Bennet Street Industrial School in Boston. Later, they spent most vacation time in the North Country.  His interest in railroad history began with meeting his father’s train when he arrived home and expanded when he became a regular commuter beginning in 1951. He has studied, written, and photographed railroading ever since.

Stephen Allan – Steve grew up in New Hampshire at the intersection of two railroad beds so his love of trains naturally started early, and continues to this day as he’s a locomotive engineer for the Mount Washington Cog Railway. Also being a lover of history, when he came to Bethlehem in 2016, he became involved in the Heritage Society, where he is now on the Board of Directors. He is also a trustee and treasurer of the Durrell United Methodist Church in Town.

Chief Jack Anderson – Chief Anderson came to Bethlehem in 1968 at which time he became a volunteer firefighter, which he has now done for over 50 years! He has been the Town’s Fire Chief since 1996 and also serves as the Town’s emergency management director. He has been, and remains very active in all aspects of the Town.

Anna Briggs – Anna grew up in the area and has seen and appreciated its history all her life. She’s now a small business owner serving client’s needs throughout the area as well as working with an area non-profit helping to find affordable housing for those in need. She brings great ideas and her social media expertise to the Committee.